Debtor Restructuring

We implement various restructuring models for companies that are financially distressed without harming its core business values and without harming interests of creditors, service providers, employees or any other parties involved.

Our broad experience and diverse Client portfolio enables us to possess insight on almost all businesses and our deep knowledge in laws, regulations, court precedents enable us to promptly advise our Clients on all types of legal issues that they may face in the course of a challenging restructuring period. We maintain a well-established relationship with banks and other financial institutions at every level.

We have assisted Clients from very different industries including textile, mining, construction, financial institutions, to overcome financial challenges.

For debtor-side restructuring, we provide:

  • Defence in bankruptcy, stay of bankruptcy and insolvency lawsuits,
  • Bankruptcy, postponement of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, (official or out-of-court negotiations)
  • Re-financing and debt consolidation assistance,
  • Asset Protection,
  • Creditor Negotiations,
  • Re-organization of company, downsizing, cash collection solutions, cash flow improvement counselling, cost reduction solutions
  • Independent asset evaluation and assessment services,
  • Strategic and financial plan developments, risk-mitigation
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