Foreign Investment Assistance

There is a valid ground for major economic forecasters and finance powerhouses acknowledging Turkey as an "investment hotspot"

Being positioned between Europe and Asia and having the potential to act as a gateway to the Middle East, high-skilled and competitive labour, macroeconomic stability, openness of trade and investment policies, rationalized, liberal and reformist investment climate, large and dynamic domestic market and the quality of education offers a compelling background to investing in Turkey.

Turkey is the 16th. Largest economy in the world and according to the World Bank data, foreign direct investment in Turkey rose from just over $1 billion in the early 2000's to an average of $13 billion in the past five years.

Despite the recent recession, main industries that attract inward foreign direct investment are automotive, real estate, hospitality, energy, heavy industry, financial services and knowledge-driven sectors such as business services, information and communication technologies.

We provide full spectrum of legal services for foreign investors in every sector and industry. Beginning with kick-off meetings and establishing the best-suited legal foundation for the investment, we provide legal advice in regards to

  • Green field and brown field investments, planning and structuring
  • Articles of association drafting,
  • Company and liaison office incorporation, company housing and dissolution of company, handling of company secretarial work
  • Acquisition of employment permits
  • Advisory on government incentives
  • General legal counselling including corporate ad litigation services
  • Project advisory
  • Tax advisory,
  • Exit strategy planning
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