With the introduction of Mediation Code in 2013, Mediation became the second ADR method supported by a legislative body in Turkey. Since the enactment of the Mediation Code, a government issued license is required to conduct "Mediation" Services in Turkey.

Long before the introduction of Mediation Law, we have successfully structured our foundation in mediating disputes in a wide range of industries. Our deep-rooted history and experience is a dominating factor for Clients selecting members of Ergenç Law Firm as a Mediator, or to assist them in a Mediation Process. The majority of our Mediation Practice deals with large, Family-Owned Corporations, Estate Disputes, Employment Disputes and Commercial Disputes

Regardless of the nature or the stage of the dispute, we advise and encourage our Clients to pursue Mediation (and other alternative-dispute resolution methods), when it is beneficial and superlative to their interests in pursuing the best outcome for the dispute.

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