Turkey has successfully implemented the PPP (public-private partnership) model both on a national and regional level for various infrastructure projects.

This model of strategic partnership attracts a lot of foreign and local investment and there are many future projects in the pipeline. PPP projects usually involve elements from different industries. Currently, main sectors for Turkish PPP's are; education, construction, healthcare, transportation, ICT and defence industries.

Although debates for enactment of a single legislation accommodating solely PPP models are ongoing, the legal framework is complicated and there are multiple layers of laws, by-laws and regulations that must be taken into consideration.

In PPP projects we,

  • Advise on public tenders and provide legal assistance in regards to investment model and strategic planning
  • Advise on privatizing processes
  • Review and draft contracts
  • Manage special purpose vehicles and maintain integration among different members of the consortiums
  • Provide memorandums on future projects and public tenders
  • We often liaise with bankers, finance providers for project financing
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