Food and Beverage Consultancy

The food and beverage industry is rapidly expanding and it experiences a high level of competition. The industry now has its own innovation and technology, guidelines, new rules and regulations, new business conditions and a very high public awareness.

Venture capital investors are aggressively attacking F&B companies and M&A activity is very high.

This rapid change in the industry is exposing companies to new areas of risk and vulnerability and the need for legal services are at its peak. We have the skills and experience necessary to sort through today's complex business problems by developing insights into industry trends and approaching legal challenges with a unique perspective, we offer company-specific guidance that helps our clients become or remain market leaders

We represent hotel chains, restaurants, franchisers, venture capitals, purveyors, venue owners and other businesses in F&B industry on a large-scale of services including

  • Company establishment,
  • Franchise agreements,
  • Lease agreements,
  • Financing and loan acquisition,
  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • Employment issues,
  • Contract drafting
  • License acquisition
  • Tax and administrative law counselling
  • Public health regulations compliance
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